Being a Workforce

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Counting to how many time I have failed in my life is just a mere things. Accepting those fail is always harder and beyond my expectation.

Getting rejected from the company that you always looking for. And the only truth that you can convey are the deepest condolences happen in your hearth. Yet, we also understand, Crying is not the best way anymore, keep our self silent.

As a workforce.

Instead of being an independent person like I was imagine before. At this phase, I am running from the bad destiny growing my wife without any money. Choosing the only logical way to overcome this situation as a workforce. Giving all my idea and energy all day long to the company, and spend the rest of my time with rupiah that I can take it directly from my card. In many case, inhabitant always suppose this condition in term of "unideal condition" -you can debate this term-. Yet, the pivotal thing is you need to remember that money always have their own position as a "god" in all aspect in the human-life.

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